Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: carl d schulz

June 19, 2009

I strongly support the reinstatement of the uptick rule. I have come to believe that there must be some triggering act to start the short selling process. Prior nonpublic knowledge such as a pending downgrade, a casual utterance a a wall street watering hole or some other kmowledge not abailable to the small investor. Short selling erodes market confidence and lays open the appearance of using information not available to a small investor for great gains for a few at the expense of many. Restoration and strengthening of the uptick rule would provide for a leveling of interests and diminish the appearance of unfair advantage. I believe stock market stability would be enhanced, exaerated volatility would be reduced during downturns and speculators would be barred from selling stocks not owned a prices lower than thier last traded or real marke value. Instituted during the great depression in 1933 it seems to have met its intended purpose until 2007 without determinable downside. Many thanks to the commission for taking my views into account and I look forward to your favorable action.