Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: John A.

June 16, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a college student and recently started investing as a way to plan for my future. I love investing and learning about it but Wall Street clearly forgets that we, the little guys and gals simply trying to retire one day or grow wealth in general, even exist and in my opinion the SEC has failed miserably to protect investors. Especially from short sellers and the games these people use to manipulate and instill fear in the minds of those simply trying to do research. It is malicious manipulation to achieve a personal end and as time goes by these manipulative entities, whether hedge funds or market movers or whomever have clearly become more prevalent and influential in the marketplace.

I don't pretend to know a lot as i am still new to the investing world, but it seems to me that a market heavily driven by the belief companies will fail or lose value is absurd. Absolutely absurd- it is no wonder the American economy is tanking. Short selling, especially naked short selling, has played a huge role in the current economic disaster. All these hedge funds with a ton of money to throw around already are getting richer and richer while the market and general economic condition of this country deteriorate- much of it driven by their influence over media and at the expense of small time investors like myself and others. Further, because these firms have enough money to influence the stock price after they shorted it is almost a sure thing that they will make more money. It is much easier to make a stock go down, especially if allowed to sell naked shares at their whim or through the use of paid "bashers" as they are called online.

People should make money in rising markets, not one's that are essentially forced to plummet. It is common sense. Through shorting company stock, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. We are betting against our own economic well being...and worst of all, those with the most power and influence on Wall Street are abusing something initially created to protect everybody's portfolios.

The SEC has to step up and protect investors. They have to do something about naked short selling beyond just putting one more security the Reg SHO list. Sorry to be vulgar, but the SEC needs to ******* PUT BAD PEOPLE IN JAIL. The SEC needs to do it's job and not compromise with manipulative hedge funds, market movers, whoever.

I assume the problem with naked short selling and market manipulation is far worse than most think, even myself. If the SEC is afraid of taking action for fear of a collapse, you are no better than the criminals on wall street. If the SEC does not start protecting us, the little guys, we will continue to walk away and it will collapse anyways. To be honest, i would rather our market place fail because the government did the right thing than to see institutions continue getting away with illegal activities.

I suppose what i am asking the SEC for is to do what what is right. Institute rules based on the accrual of wealth in times of economic growth and protect the little guys from the big ones, because we cannot do it ourselves. I have been investing for less than two months, and it could not be more clear just how unfair and manipulated our markets are. I hope somebody reads this and i have not wasted my time- bring back paper shares, make market movers deliver/deliver on time, and punish those who refuse to play by the rules. We all do, they should too.

Thank You,

John A.