Subject: Uptick Rule

February 1, 2009

Dear Chairman,

I have had enough of the manipulation of my small cap stocks. By reinstating the uptick rule, these vultures that prey on small investors will find it more difficult to manipulate stocks for their own financial benefit and stop ruining people's financial lives. I am losing faith in the stewards of our financial markets where they have become an arena for the big guys to come in and fleece the small guy. By reinstating the uptick rule, at least we will have a little more of a level playing field and these stocks will have some sort of chance to achieve their potentials. If this manipulation continues it will have a long term negative impact on our main stream economy. If for example, a junior resource explorer can never raise money at a reasonable share price, who is going to explore and develop our future resources. This has become a disgrace and I want these markets cleaned up. The uptick rule will be a first step.