Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: sold again and again

June 12, 2009

American people's investments and retirements were devested by their brokers, fund managers, and other stealers. they devested more than once.
American people asked SEC to do something about this stealing and robbery, and SEC asked American people what to do.
Stealers immediately pointed out it is legal to take investor's profit when market goes down. The fact is market does not have a life, it can not move up and down by itself, and it moved down because stealer drove it down.
Stealers are smart people and they keep fooling American people. They blame eveything on market. What a abstract concept is "market"?
Don't Americans realize the stealers are the market, or the market is played and manipulated by stealers???
Stealers of course want to keep the back door open so they can keep stealing. But stealers don't realize Americans are waking up, and they are about stop feeding these stealers.
Economy is about confidence, if SEC continues making the stealing legal, American's assets will be pocketed to a few stealers. And Financial market will crash into zero. natinal security will be in japardy.
Stealers, I suggest you not be too greedy. Leave the public with soemthing to survive, so when economic recovers, you can resume your stealing.