Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Kimberly Robey
Affiliation: Social Service Tech

June 10, 2009

It's hard for me to believe that we have to once again submit comments regarding FTD shares "NAKED SHORTED". How many times are you going to request people to send comments in that they are sick and tired of the SEC, an agency that's supposed to be protecting us should first re-install the uptick rule. Not only do we need the uptick rule brought back but we need you to stop these crooks from stealing our money. The game is rigged and you know it yet you let it continue to go on. This constant requesting letters is only buying time for those stealing our money to make more. Is this so they have a chance to get more money in case you actually have to do something about them? They will need money to buy back the shares they should have never not purchased to begin with. If I buy stocks in a company that stock should be purchased. I paid for this to happen on top of what I paid for my stock. I didn't pay for my stocks, give them a premium to purchase it only to let them turn around and sell it again and again driving the price of my stock down so they can sell out at a huge profit. It's not their stock to resell it's mine. You know it, I know it and most of the ordinary world knows it. I don't see how you can keep covering this up. I'm not even working on wall street and I can see the corruption going on so why are you people who are supposed to be the authority on it not seeing it. Get your blinders off and start doing something to protect the investor's that you are paid to protect. There's no excuse with the technology today that your agency can't see how many shares have not been purchased. The only reason you all wanted to go to all electronic trading and end people getting their certificates is because you know if people really figured out what was going on and started requesting their shares in paper the scam would be in big trouble. Instead of the broker owning the stocks as it seems to be what the case is now, people would. How can we have a bit of faith in an agency or a government that knows what is going on and is playing stupid about it. If I know it then surely you do. I'm just a plain average American worker who works hard for my money and now I've watched it go down the drain for a few greedy wealthy individuals who figured out a way to take advantage of me. It's sad that you think it's okay for a few to ruin the greatest Country on earth but that's what has been done. So sad.

I would also like to know if I am able to get my money back for shares sitting in my account that I am fairly sure were never purchased to begin with? I think this question should be answered and while I don't know if I'm the only one thinking it or not I believe you should let everyone know if that is what our recourse is. I purchased shares in a company that went private yet the shares still show up on my account every month like they are there. I wonder many times what the response from my broker would be if I requested the shares in certificates. I should do it and find out but first I want to see if you are going to stop this fraud.