Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: russ van
Affiliation: experienced trader

June 10, 2009

People who buy stock do so with an expectation of a rise in value whether it be a rise in actual value or in expected value (less TVM). The fact that nobody holding an issue is willing to sell their stock should be no excuse for anyone to rob the value of any holdout. shorting is "robbing that value". shorting deceives the public into believing that REAL SHAREHOLDERS don't want the stock at said price. liquidity is just a flimsy excuse to steal that value.

shorting also artificially increases/dilutes the supply of shares. then, the newly minted iou's are mad available as almost a second issue.

shorting is bull and a perpetration of fraud. the public will come to know about this fraud agianst the will of the real shareholder and will come to know how the street uses shorting TO RIDE PAST EXPECTATIONS OF HIGHER VALUE THROUGH TO THE NEXT LOWER TREND.

my suggestion? stop the biggest fraud ever before everyone loses confidence in all of wall street.