Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: N M
Affiliation: NA

June 9, 2009

Gee Why all this fuss about short sale rules and re-instating the uptick rule.

GREEDY US INVESTORS can't handle the truth when things are going down (So typical of greedy American psyche. Probably the most greedy nation/psyche on earth - just my observation of late).

Talk about a bunch of mafias (wall street, fed and washington) trying to control the world thru' lose monetary policy and hence supporting leveraged speculation in commodities and all kinds of markets in the world. There is no more creativity left and all that is left is stock market manupulations and financial engineering.

Now that markets are positive for the year (from March lows to June 9th (today)) and oil prices has risen over $70 dollars (from $32 in March) - why isn't someone at SEC investigating these filthy US wall street firms like GS, C and Morgan Stanley (and their levered hedge fund buddies) - who are keeping Oil prices higher to dump their oil that they bought in March and stored in super-tankers.

I guess hoarding and leveraged speculation is very christian and american/wall street thing to do but when things are bad - Blame the shorts and DO YOUR TANTRUMS AND CRY -- HELP ME UNCLE SAM...And when they can speculate and make money - TOO MUCH OBSTRUCTION FROM TARP FUNDS - I Want to return TARP MONEY as I have made my money speculating on OIL WITH THE TARP FUNDS.

How about SEC spending some time there on these commodity speculators and these filthy firms who still keep bidding up oil prices for profits when oil inventories are at multi-year highs. GEE HOW LOW HAS THE AMERICAN PSYCHE FALLEN (Sorry I should not generalize and blame all americans).

TALK ABOUT FILTHY DERIVATIVES ( USA-Wall Street) trying to control GOD and nature (i.e. - what is available abanduntanly in nature: food, oil Commodities) - just to make filthy profits because no one wants to buy USD$ and they want support stock markets and energy and metal stocks

BUY OUR $$$ or we will make life miserable by bidding up commodities and make life miserable for poor folks in the world FILTHY FILTHY BUNCH or what?

Haven't guys like Jim Crammer seen bear markets when THERE WAS AN UPTICK RULE? Haven't people see 10% down days when The Tech Bubble Burst?

While I do support the idea of strong enforcement against naked short-selling, this crazy thought that some-how no uptick rule was the cause of bear markets and bank stock troubles(as some comments here seem to suggest) is STUPID

My guess is the people who are abusing short-selling are none other than filthy-greedy wall street firms like Goldman Sachs and their hedge fund buddies and hence what needs to be done is to dissolve the power of these firms and hence their market influence.

Oh wait That would be UN-AMERICAN - as that would mean dissolving the TOO BIG TO FAIL NATION I guess the world has to keep the sucker in this market game and play by its rules - what a scam US may command the respect and steal money from the world thru' the ponzi scheme (US $ as the reserve currency) -- but I have 0% respect for the current policies and people at the epi-center of power and greed here.

Reinstating the uptick rule will NOT REINSTATE A CLEAN conscience for the wall street players and this nation.

Pathetic waste of money (this exercise of reinstating the uptick rule) - when the entire game is rigged and there is no such things as "FREE MARKET" - it is a CORRUPT AND MANIPULATED MARKET AND I FEEL BAD FOR THE AVERAGE JOE Inveting his/her retirement funds.