Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Fake Shares

June 5, 2009

Dear Mary,

What over is over, we can wait to handle things like Countrywide. But we need stop the bleed wounds NOW. Saving the life is more important than chasing the criminals.

Please, please do something about naked shorting.
naked shorting is used by brokers, institutions to manipulate stock daily, especially to those small cap companies.

It is not about free market It is about free robbery
Naked shorting is selling unexisting shares, it is the same as printing cash, should be illegal.
If a company issued 10 million shares, a broker can sell 100 million shares to get cash and drive it down. If 100 million shares is not enough to drive it down, they can sell 100 billion shares to drive it down. With unlimited fake shares, the stock price can be driven down regardless a good company or bad one.

This is robbery, this is digital looting, it is not about free market. President Obama appointed you, you should not disappoint all voters.

Like most American poeple, I want to beg you. Please do something stop the institutional thief gangs. It is nothing but purely looting of American poeple.

STOP the looting while you have the capability, and are entitled to do so.
American people need you to take actions on urgent things - STOP THE THIEVES