Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Timothy L. Beebe, MR

June 8, 2009

Its stocks like CMKM Diamonds that is going to come back around and slap the crack out of the SEC's backsideIts much larger than the MADEOFF scheme.Is the SEC stupid enough to think that the General public much less the Ivesters community will not find out about CMKM diamond?The SEC knew what was going on in sufficient time to shut down such criminal activity Why they might have protected a few investers,(What is the purpose of the SEC ? Though they let it escalate into a 2 trillion or better nss.Not bad there SDEC if you are out to set a World Record on damages done to investors.At least the Virginia Law book has shed a little light on CMKX,there needs to be Justic.I'd like to see the president give all members of the SEC the BOOTThen see criminal charges set forth.Remember There are 50,000+ shareholder withenough information saved to their computers to sink the SEC.And just a thought ,,,,,if the SEC had made sure the shareholder could have been paid way at the begining with a NDA to sign,the(the SEC) wouldnt be here looking so Dumbfounded.Imagine That.After all ,They are crooks(the SEC) and they do like to sweep thing under the rug