Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: share holder

June 4, 2009

Senator Specter said: As this GAO study establishes, the SEC is capable of enforcing pre-borrow and delivery rules when it so desires. "

If SEC is capable of this is there any valid reason why it is not being done?

President Obama elected Mary Shapiro as a new Chairman of SEC. He put his trust in you, and all of us that voted for him, basically voted for a change from what is has been indirectly through voting for Obama we have voted for you.

We voted for Obama, for a change and especially the change in the markets or no regulation under the old SEC Chairman and Bush administration.

We voted for change, and President Obama appointed Mrs. Mary Shapiro for a new Chairman and entrusted her to make that change.

Our markets are riddled with abuse. Uptick rule gone, naked shorting not observed, enforcement of covering the failed positions not enforced by SEC, NSS complaints ignored by SEC staff and not resulting in even one action taken by SEC staff..

Investors in the markets being robbed, companies abused by naked short sellers, and minority profited from those very lax rules and nonenforcement of even those that existed.
Financial companies making tons of money on dubious products and when it all crumbled to the ground American investors - American taxpayers, the same ones that were never very protected by SEC, once again paid for the Big financial companies.

And here we are. 2009.

Investors complained about Nss but SEC did not listen. Even more did not even take Inspector Kotz from OIG suggestions seriously as recent as this year.

Now, SEC inactions to protect the public have been mostly infuriating for the past few years. Before that it was disappointing.

How can we go on like this?

I follow the markets but i am also a Cmkx shareholder.
I have been following SEC comments pages since 2004. That is full 5 years. I dont see changes. I dont see changes in your regulations or how shareholders are treated or how much information the SEC is really sharing with shareholders.

Chairman Mary Shapiro,

We have more then 50,000. people that invested money in cmkx or Cmkm Diamonds inc.

All together those people including myself have put in millions of dollars, in buying the stock. And every broker made money on our purchases. And every broker if they sold Naked Shorted Shares has taken our money for free.
All those brokers and clearinghouses made money on Cmkx shareholders.

I know that shareholders are writing to you, and they are writing to Inspector Kotz from Oig office, and they are also writing to all the senators in their states and in Washington.

We have been hostages with this investment for 5 years. There are people already dying that will never see the end of this saga or .. receive the ROI.

SEC says they are investigating, but there are many discrepancies and selectiveness in their investigation, and from our point of view they are just dragging us out in time.

The size of Nss in our markets and failed to deliver shares seems to be the biggest hush hush secret to be protected from the public even by SEC.

But its time to have this finished. It is time to finish this business with dragging cmkx shareholders with all the secrecy is has been shrouded in..

Things have to be cleaned up, Nss has to be paid for, and Cmkx shareholders need to get paid for their damages from all parties. And we need to be let go.

It is not fair to people to be in this position after 5 years. Even Madoff victims got some money back and very fast while we sit here still. Judge Larry Hicks has taken over 5 months and still has not made decision on damages that John Edwards has to pay.

The damages to investors.. in so many ways .. from so many parties have been huge.. and Cmkx shareholders have been here for 5 years. Would you please find a way to end this torture and bring justice and damages paid to cmkx shareholders.