Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: share holder

June 4, 2009

Uptick rule question? yes put it back please, if it was done as fast as the last chairman took it out we would of had it already.

enforce and oversee the preeborow of shares before the shorting of the stock ? yes please do

Enforce the cover of all naked short positions in all stock, yes.

And couple of questions about Cmkx. The naked shorted stock of which the shareholders sit in the dark for 5 years now not able to get any information either from old management which seems to be shut up, SEC which does not want to answer any of the shareholders question, or the new management that also does not want to touch at all on our largest effort of collecting certificates and in 2005 and 2006. They also seam to be shut up about it.

Now in 2005 this small company decided to have a cert pull.
It formed a task force that had Rober Maheu as a trustee, his lawyer Donald Stoecklien, Kevin West who is present Chairman of current Cmkm Diamonds and Bill Frizzell who is also with Cmkm Diamonds as legal council. The cert pull lasted from November 2005 to 2006.

We also had a webpage showing the number of certificates and amount of shares coming in the count.

However, SEC decided and did depose all members of the Task Force. Why was SEC interested and what is the reason for the SEC to depose all members of the Task force?

Yes we the shareholders of Cmkx have all decided to pull the certs in order to prove and show the NSS in cmkx stock.
Many had incredibly hard time getting their certs and some never did from their brokers.

Investigative court reporters informed us that depositions with Task force members each had more then 100 pages, some 200 pages. Was the possibility of proving the nss in cmkx stock the reason that SEC deposed all the members of Task force?
And why is it that SEC still refuses to share those depositions via Foia Requests with Cmkx shareholders, now 3 years after?

Why is SEC denying Foia request by cmkx shareholders to see those depositions? How is this helping Cmkx shareholders that are sitting here 5 years on the row, since 2004 not knowing what exactly happened with their investment?

When the amount of shares on Cmkx Cert count website reached numbers close to legal count of 703 billion, the Web Site was pulled off.

Did SEC order Cmkx Task Force to pull the Website off the net?

If there are no secrets to be held, is SEC going to release those depositions by Cmkx Task Force to Cmkx shareholders at this present time ?

The SEC Complaint against Cmkx, SEC only addresses 259 Billion of the total 622 Billion Unregistered Shares they claim were illegally issued and sold into the Market.

The SEC calls out as a Defendant a little brokerage firm, NEVWEST Securities Corporation, for selling those 259 Billion Unregistered CMKX Securities into the market yet, NewWest is not a self-clearing firm. They claim that they used Dain Rausher and Wells Fargo to actually clear those shares. Yet, the SEC does not call these two companies out in their Complaint for their Securities Clearing role.

Why not? Why has SEC not gone after Dain Rausher and Wells Fargo as well?

How can you address in your complaint only 259 billion shares out of 622 billion you claim is the total number of unregistered shares?

Which other companies besides newvest should have been addressed but you did not? Why are you not addressing them?

Cmkx shareholders are waiting for answers, justice and rightfull ROI for their damages by nss and other.

Still waiting, more then 50,000 people that are shareholders of Cmkm Diamonds inc.