Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Jeffrey D Miller

June 1, 2009

You should by all means bring back the up-tick rule, and stop the short selling. It has cause the average person like myself, lots of money. Then the government has to use my tax dollars to bailout this mess and I still loose. If this rule is in place then a lot of this need would NOT have happened to the level it is now. You are here to PROTECT people like myself from being ruined, which now it is too late for me, but there still is time to save the rest. To bring back this rule is a MUST How dare you not bring it back, if you do not bring back this rule then you ALL, EVERY LAST PERSON THAT WORKS THEIR SHOULD STEP DOWN from their post and give back any and ALL money for doing your job, because you are NOT doing your job by letting this rule go. I am just one voice, but it is a voice you MUST MUST hear.