Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Mack Mead, Retired
Affiliation: Navy Pilot , Retired Airline Pilot

May 30, 2009

-Absolutely Ban Naked Short Selling and Restore the Uptick Rule. Then, Transparency, Transparency, Transparency. The Common Good for the Country far out weighs the Manipulations by Hedge Fund managers for their wealthy clients. Be fearless when enforcing the rules. The world is watching (including some 200 million U.S. Citizens)that have lost at least 2 trillion dollars at the hands of the last SEC chairman and his cohorts.

Publish the average Hedge Fund Managers Salaries (well over $600 Million Annually for the top 25, some over A Billion) and then tell the American People that they pay only 15% income tax. Talk about Tax Fraud