Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: dr X death
Affiliation: aerospace engineer

May 30, 2009

Corporate Taxes are too high.
For the last few years companies have invested the most in their employees to combat ever increasing corporate taxes.
Selling short is like the first step in avoiding government taxes.

Selling short can be best compared to alcohol prohibition. The more you try to take the money from hardworking American Executives the more likely they are to find ways of not paying the tax on the money they make.
If you lowered the taxes these people would be less likely to invest the companies profits in the employee pool of CPA's and accountants. Selling short would stop being an option like it was in 2003 and will probably be again in 2011. Furthermore, these corporate execs would stop trying to lose money pursposefully (see the dodgers vs the red sox and the Infield Fly Rule) to bad employees, unsound investment tactics, and inferior products.

The taxation system must lower overall taxes (sales, use, income) to a level that will increase building, saftey, and human welfare. All other options are non-existant and will lead to the largest amount of suits against the government for misdeeds. Finally, and without heistation or adue, let me be quoted in saying that the above is my opinion, however I am fairly sure that my homework and investment strategy led to an economic colapse or will lead to an economic colapse that is worse that the great depression. At that point ( I believe MR Buffet, WARREN and his advisiors have stated that my investment decisions are only "as bad as" the great depression and Black Friday of the 1929-1931 era. That is slander and libel for not stating that my plan of ecouraging lower taxes and increased government regulation through oversite and increased government subsidy (vs increased government wellfare and corporate goodwil) will be better than the 1929-1931 era. meaning that if this economic _nightmare_ does in fact turn out to be worse than the great depression I want their assets seized and over turned to me and the government for their purposefully (again, and after government sanction and written warning, with judicial approval) that they refrain from comments that threaten the securities of the capatalist system of america.