Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Luiz Gomes
Affiliation: President of my int'l company, MSc, MBA and Trader

May 30, 2009

Chairman Schapiro,
I've been investing in the stock market since 1983 and also being a trader I know full well the damage hedge funds and large financial institutions may cause to the markets. In addition to the obvious unbound and unrestricted greed of these money players and bankers, the expertise in using tricks and loopholes to short the markets has magnified the un-precedent crash of the global economy in the past year.

This smart-money strategies have caused depression, retirement depletions and huge losses (including suicides and deaths) to millions of innocent people across the globe. It helped creating the largest deficit in the history of our country and will affect generations of Americans for years to come.

These greedy people must be punished and stopped (or controlled) by all possible legal means. This does not signify that were are not an free market economy. However clear boundaries must be implemented, urgently. As you know, with all their money and power they will lobby and fight back, but some honest being must overcome their mighty.

One of the tools that must be reinstalled quicly, is the up-tick rule but of course this is only one of the many other regulations. Obviously these institutions must also disclose and periodically register their transactions. And these new laws must be enforced and punished exemplarily.

With the lightening speed of global trading, these rules must be put in practice in the major world markets or else they will circumvent it, like they have been doing thru London or so which are more flexible. Important: citizen protection rules must be established with the guidance of seasoned unbiased and creative professional traders because if not, they will still find loopholes to creep into. The academicians and regular investors do not understand or know the strategies they employ.

The well being and integrity of the American people (and other nationals) is to a great extend in your hands. Good bless you.

Luiz Gomes, MSc, MBA
Florida, USA