Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Peter Ireland
Affiliation: Investor

May 30, 2009

This again Does anyone at the SEC really know what is going on or give a damn?

Could someone please tell me how anyone can apply or judge a price test when those that could most advantageously use this to their profit can completely manipulate a stock's price to reflect any "market condition" necessary for them to do whatever they wish, to realize a profit?

There is nothing new in this message, as it has been presented and ignored again, again and again. Your (the SEC's) only response has been to come out with yet another #%?@ comment request that offers absolutely NO new solutions to this problem that YOU, the SEC, have created. Might I suggest eliminating the manipulation as a first step?

This country is looking to you, SEC, right now for answers and leadership, but your perfomance now simply demands that you be replaced by another entity that TRULY has the interests of the country, its well-being and the rights of individual investors, clearly, obviously and foremost in mind.

In my opinion, you have failed and are failing miserably in performing your assigned duties. We know why. YOU and your pandering to Wall Street interests are a huge component in this mess that we have. Hopefully you will be soon replaced, as NOTHING you have been proposing or doing will ever go anywhere positive.

You can take this as a grassroots or any other perspective you like, but it is hopefully destined to bite you in the A$$... I hope we all survive long and effectively enough to ensure that happens.

Oh and by the way, why not tell the world - officially -about your part in vaporizing the life savings and investments of 50,000 CMKX shareholders, not to mention the hundreds and thousands of other small companies and their investors that you have revoked (killed) after they have been cellar-boxed, NSS'd and sucked dry by your buddies on Wall Street? That sure worked for you for awhile, didn't it? It's time for a reckoning, in my opinion...