Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Joshua M Halper
Affiliation: Student

May 29, 2009

It is my vote to reinstate the uptick rule and if it is done so with any other additions I will vote yes for all positive aspects that are affiliated with the uptick rule.

This market needs support. All exchanges need to be regulated in a more efficient and less obtrusive way. Keep it simple. Like trading lunch in high school.

Especially look into pre-market and after-hours trading. A lot of different rules out there for each platform/brokerage in regards to those.

Many people might not have the cash to miss more then once and with each platform trading with many different restrictions and rules, it's a huge handicap.

In regards to the circuit-breaker idea, I would rather see a stronger uptick rule. When changing one variable we do get results. Those results are much easier tracked and much easier adjusted alone. It would help counter further delays. If the SEC decides to add more then one variable(s) before we know the true source it is more difficult to know the affect of the main variable while not knowing what the affect of removing the secondary variable would be. Of course you could pre-test each idea solo, then use a regression backwards to identify the better base idea. Then adjust from there.

I ask the government to be diligent and timely with the decision. That is why one uptick rule with a better spread or a form of easier entry and exit seems more like trading lunch in high school. When I am trading it's become obvious that there is a need for a change, but an over correction could lead to another move backwards. The markets need to be confident coming out that this rule is stable and more accountable then before.

Who cares if the DOW goes back to 14000 or sets a new all-time high of 18000? With all the global trading and emerging markets there should be a new high for all markets, especially the US Let's test some new highs

It would be exciting to be involved in what the SEC is doing. This is a remarkable time for policy making.