Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: BRUCE H McDonald

May 28, 2009

Just watched again today, KOG, people who don't have any INVESTMENT in the company get to short all day long and control price with 4 decimal place bid/asks. In essence I lose all ability for the investment to earn while they strip it away. And they get to do it without investing a dime...and quite possibly they could have borrowed my own shares from Fidelity. Fidelity wins, shorts win and I lose all ability for my investment to take advantage of market conditions, rising oil prices, and other investors exhuberance to own a share of this company.

It's not right...let them pay for puts if they think it is going down...let them risk capital as i have to do to make their bet.

They do it everyday over and over...and you think its right because Goldman or JP or hedge funds tell you its ok...

Why do you think that hedge funds became so popular...and why do you think most operate offshore???? How is it they can trade a stock(DNDN)go from 25 to 5 in 70 seconds.

Do you ever ask these questions? Why is it that stocks go on REG SHO lists and never clear??? Who ever puts together the list of borrowed shares. Who ever accounts for all the shares allocated to ETF and ETNs. How many "shares" are available for sale?

You simple solution is that I could do the probably have stricter margin requirements and also don't have the assummed net worth of a hedge fund.