Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Bruce H McDonald

May 20, 2009

Look around and examine the decision makers in this panel...

Are they unbiased?
Have they ever shorted equities???
Have they disclosed all their investments and trading activities during the past two or three years???

Have they ever worked in the investment business???

Do they know traders, investment managers, investment bankers or hedge funds.

Have they executed any form of privacy statements?

Have they provided tax returns to examine Schedule D information??

Are they capable of making a truly independent decision??

The decision this panel makes will affect markets, every investors pension assets and ever investors net worth.....are they acting in the best interest of investors and rational markets??

Have havent in the past...if they were involved in the elimination of uptick, decimal place trading, program trading halt limitations etc....

You must discount any advice received from investment bankers, hedge funds, markets, clearing houses etc...they are biased and jaded...and will only offer advice that is in their best interest.

Are their any parties that represent pension funds, retail investors etc on the panel???

Bruce McDonald