Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Anthony H Miles

May 16, 2009

The Enron failures demonstrate the ability to manipulate the market and cause hideous financial hardships to millions of taxpayers. The market has to be regulated in every dark corner to prevent a melt down due to criminal behavior.

The free market has no inherent right to rob millions of private investors of an honest return and no party has a single right greater than the whole community to fair honest returns.

The protection of resources or an implied risk may be difficult in a discovery nature prior to a meltdown but in the end deception has no value. Those who seek to preserve risky behavior have sown or woven an aspect which is reminiscent of Las Vegas not the free market of trading in sound investments.
Their claim to serve aspects of weaker profit margins due to inadequate management styles lay barren to address to whom they are serving in a quest to punish or whom a benefit of gossip or fiction.
Can one trader fetter any lie for profit and who cleans his pen, of a fiction after a meltdown?

Accountability is not traded at a risk, it is a foundation. One not found in Las Vegas ?
Is Wall Street to relocate to Nevada or shall we rename Wall Street to Risk Street

If we assume a regulators need is to regulate we understand human nature
If we understand human nature we all gain the value to surrender to oversight

We all have more to gain and lacking a better model ascend into darkness to benefit a few
The time to rectify the violations, review the internal email at AIG and restore our direction to a sound course of preventive measures to avoid a repeat offense.

If you will hire the man who shared his insight with 60 Mins on how he knew Madoff was a crook. Allow him to screen, hire and train new staff at the SEC and to get the edge to a successful agency If he were to develop models and be pro active to get in front of this mess
Due your job Protect our president and move to a better government

A Miles
Port Orchard, WA 98366