Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Bruce H McDonald

May 15, 2009

Other thoughts:

Shut down pre and after markets...they are still yet another vehicle for the corrupt ones to take advantage of "markets"..

No Pipe Financing with naked short sale elements and special warrants to cover positions

Eliminate all bets where there is no skin required to play

The clearing house for REG SHO is a joke

I read today's story that perhaps even SEC attorneys are guilty of insider trading...doesn't really surprise me

Eliminate the rigors of Sarbannes Ox....

Everyone happy with none bailed out car companies...they are going bankrupt and they are closing dealerships all over the US...imagine the job losses the liability to be assumed by PBGC....all because your agency and others allowed credit of companies to be ruined paritally by naked short sellers...and partially by not regulating credit default swaps and partially because the politicians covered up Freddie and Fannie(I believe those were under your watch as well) how about investment companies that promote all the above...they under your scrutiny as well?

The more I write the more disgusted I become...

Thanking you for your avoidance of all the above in advance.

Why ask for public are going to take your advice from diciples of Goldman Sachs anyway....they have to help you mold the next scam operation. I am sure they are programming their computers as we speak...