Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Salvador Alanis, Mr.

May 15, 2009

SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro

I urge you to reinstate the uptick rule and short circuit breaker to protect the equity markets form short sellers.

I strongly believe that the equity market was established as a source of equity for the enhancement of businesses where business owners access resources to further their entreprenership and create jobs, while sharing the risk / benefit with the public. In the absense of proper rules the market is becoming a gamblers paradise and confidence has been hindered and may be further damaged without controls.

When I buy a share of a company it becomes my property, and unless I gave away the right without knowing to my broker, no one and I mean no one has the right over such property but me. So how is it possible that my shares can be borrowed or supplied at a cost to short sellers (naked or not) without my approval nor with me receiving reasonable compensation for the risk of lending My shares.

Shares are property and the fact that I have deposited MY PROPERTY in care of my broker under the rule of the SEC do not make this Shares any more or any less MY PROPERTY. Shares are property just as Homes, imagine that a person could sell another persons home freely in the market to other people without permission from the owner of such house and receive the money while doing this a third party is receiving compensation for forging the title to keep the owner calm with the knowledge that maybe some day the SHORT SELLER will be able to return the property back to the owner. I am sure the law would not be linient or gentle with anyone doing such atrocity with property belonging to someone else.

Please take all measures known such as the uptick rule and short circuit breaker inorder to eliminate the abuse on investors property, and improve them to ensure that give the great technological advances of our time, loopholes are not created that allow this abuse over property right to continue.