Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Donald A Rowe
Affiliation: Retired Attorney

May 13, 2009

Something must be done to control or end short selling of stocks, as massive short selling, without good business reason, can destroy the stock price of a target company. In the recent downturn of markets, the short sellers drove good companies to ridiculously low prices, in some cases forcing the companies to declare bankruptcy, take government loans, mortgage all their assets, etc. It is not fair that stock prices be driven to near zero prices by the short sellers of the markets. Please do something significant about this problem of short selling. Be proactive, not reactive when it is too late to help the stockholders. We have our life savings invested in stocks and bonds, and we rely on the SEC and other supervising agencies to prevent the short sellers from destroying orderly markets. We would welcome the up-tick rule or any rule that would stop the short sellers from their unfair actions as described above. It is time for the SEC to act now. Thank you for your consideration of my comments. I suggest that you solicit reaction from the Fortune 500 companies as well as the major brokerage firms.