Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Ronald W Broussard

May 13, 2009

BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL UPTICK RULE It worked for over 70+ years. Any variation of the original will be greeted with "skepticism."
The "investor" knows about the 32.8 MILLION SHARES of Lehman that were sold and not delivered to buyers on time during their demise. We are also aware of the $600 Million that the financial industry has paid to members of Congress for their re-election campaigns. Do you think the retail investor is really represented? That is what we expect from the SEC.
A "perfect storm" was created when the leverage rules were changed, the up-tick rule was eliminated and the mark-to-market rule was brought back in 2007. I don't think this was by "accident."
Where are the REFORMS on naked short selling, transparency and indictments for criminal activity? This is a classic example of organized criminal activity and Market Manipulation
I trust the Lottery more than the stock market. Do you think people would play the lottery if it was "tainted.?"
I don't think so...........