Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Erik K Kober, MAJ
Affiliation: US Military

May 12, 2009

It is my belief, as an investor who is somewhat young to the investing business, but growing in knowledge, that the concept of "shorting" a stock goes against what our country was founded on. Now we can argue about where our country(and the market) have come since the days of actually "investing" in a company, but the full intention of "the market" at the base level was not to raise and bid "bets" for, or in the case of "shorting," AGAINST companies. It is my best analysis that putting some further restriction than the "uptick or zero-tick" rule should be instituted. It WOULD stabilize the somewhat healing market, and significantly reduce some of the severe volatility going on within individual stocks, sectors, and the broad breadth of the market, over all. That is just my two-cents. I don't have an MBA, or a Degree in astro-physics, but I have enough invested to care about the state of our ecnomy, and as well, the volatility and stability of the very market-place where corporations and companies are looking to build their future and make their growth openly accessible to the public.