Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Marilyn H Rau
Affiliation: retired account exec at Merrill Lynch and Prudential in downtown Manhattan

May 11, 2009

That Bear raid on SKF and QLD and others really scared me....I know people who were making money hands over fist sooooooo easily till they started to lose BIG. Uptick is necessary. In the 1980's Michael Douglas in the film "Wallstreet" said.......GREED IS GOOD. Well that was in 1984 or 1985 and we had a crash in 1987 because of Greed in the Savings and Loan crisis. We never learn. GREED IS NOT GOOD IT IS WRONG Those people would rather be consistent than RIGHT. BAD for market and country. BAD FOR WALL STREET and MAIN STREET

We will always need regulations to control the Greediest ones who care only for their own pocketbook.........damn the rest. They should not be allowed to creat their greedy chaos at will. Laws were created to protect everyone even them against their own short sightedness We need the uptick rule and maybe also the need to borrow stock before you short it.................Marilyn Rau