Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Robert E Bonhivert
Affiliation: US Taxpayer that has been hosed by lack of enforcement

May 10, 2009

I, like many others dont know where to begin with this issue, Fail to deliver is the important matter. If the Dtcc, Sec, and all related clearing controls make Any change whatsoever it needs to be for one purpose. No funds transfer without actuall sale. It works for real estate, why is this hard? Why is this debated? If the hedge fund crooks are allowed to continue to dance and game the system by trading to each other, to beat t+3 rules and ultimatly crashing good stocks, good companies, then be prepared for widesweeping revolt. The info is all over the media, the WSJ and Barrons cant keep throwing tin-foil hat analogies at folks that want the Mafia out of our capitol markets. Prosecute the thieves NOW. They have commited Treasonous acts on this country for the scope and scale of the thefts of many citizens funds. Or do nothing thats easy, then later get jobs at the companies you were supposed to investigate , no one will find out, will they? Sunday