Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Kevin O'Connor

May 10, 2009

Please DO NOT reinstate the uptick or any other restriction. Any action to restict the downside should be applied to the upside. I lose money just as fast when the markets go up with unlimited risk while bulls have a limited amount of risk. Additionally, markets tend to be moving up much more than down over the long haul. I see this current situation as the balance between reality in the value of a stock and over zealous investors jumping on a stock because it is moving up with no regard to value. We are the defenders of true value. Equalibrium. While they see bears as the evil force working to destroy capitalism, I see it as the check and balance for an investor. Take Ford for example, while things look like they will be the only US car company left, while not really true since Toyota is made here now, why with the debt they have and losses compounding is their stock rising. If bulls learn the hard way they will start to turn away from ridiculous investment at such lofty prices. Let the real money come in on preferred and bonds, keep greedy fund managers out of speculatuion plays with the average guys money. And in recent market movements to the upside, you can thank the shorts who are losing and the greedy bulls are jumping in at a greater pace, ready to get schooled once again. Keep this as is and the real money will stay with the real companies that can actually grow, earn, and show results. Oh but then again you are in bed with the Fed and Treasury so I guess you want to see more and more of the poor mans money dumped in to speculative bank stocks while they hold back on more and more foreclosures, stalling until they can digest what they already have, soaking up new equity at higher prices and then digesting some more, all at the poor uneducated working class. The wealthiest working middle class was the depression era folks and their kids who saved every dime after what they experienced. This current situation is on the shoulders of baby boomers and their kids who did not share the elders wisdom and refrain from instant gratification. They invest in high multiple stocks and put nothing down on their new homes. They need to be schooled and the government can not effectively slow them down, but we can. "BOOYAH" said the piggy all the way down. (again)