Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Susan Trant
Affiliation: Sales

May 9, 2009

I think short selling should be stopped all together. I find a person handling his own 401K account cannot get ahead because of the manipulting the short seller can have on stocks. I have no clue on what these short seller guys are doing and do not have all day to watch the market. The days of trying to make good diversified investments and checking them monthly or quarterly is gone with the short sellers in the market..

The short sellers are a monoploy of sort. The short sellers gang up on a company and take it down to the ground. The goverment stopped or took over any company that was a monoploy years ago and I think short selling should be stopped all together. Yes a few thousand people may be out of work, but what about the millions of 401K accounts that have been cut in half from these people manipulation. They aren't doing it because the business is not doing well it's just they want to make some money and don't care what it does to others. This is greed and not the American way.

Thank you for listening

Susan Trant