Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: David S. Efird
Affiliation: Self employeed

May 9, 2009

I strongly feel there is no place in the market for a "short seller". The "short sellers" claim their practice helps to truly demonstrate the value of a company/stock. I say, if a company or a stock is not "carrying it's weight" and not worth the purchase, the lack of purchasing the stock will cause the stock to decrease in value. It does not need the help of those who "make money" praying on the woe's of others. And, it's not just a poorly run company that suffers at the hands of the scavangers. It's good companies as well. If there is any foresight in allowing "short selling" to continue i certainly feel both the uptick rule and circuit brakers should be smartly in place. I know the "short sellers" made a great deal of money in this past disaster of a market which they helped to fuel and i know they are flexing their muscles right now. But, stand strong. Limit their activity. It's a selfish group that does nothing but aid in the deterioation of what was once a smart way to invest. Not any more. de