Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Jeffrey A Sampson
Affiliation: Carpenter

May 9, 2009

Short selling doesn't give an average investor a fair shot in the market. I could make a few dollar's up until 2007, since then every time I entered most trades it didn't take long for the most part short sellers would short the stocks so badly if I didn't have put protection, which was 95% of the time, because I didn't understand it until recently I lost my money. This just isn't fair, I admist I am not a broker or highly trained trader but I do my homework before I trade, yet I still get slamed, what does my government do to protect me from this, so far nothing. I hope and pray finally something I deserve the right to trade like everyone else does, without the fer of these jerks driving the price of the stock down to almost nothing and me wondering what went wrong when it should have went up a fw points not down, sure we are all going to lose sometimes but not all the time, yet these shorts make me lose way more then I should and I am tired of it. I didn't serve six yrs., on the military for them to do this to me or anyone else freedom is one thing but this is legal theft