Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Bruce Senkow E Senkow
Affiliation: Long Time Investor

May 9, 2009

PLEASE, PLEASE...don't forget about the little guy I have been investing for many years but now feel like the stock market is not the place for my money. Why isn't the SEC looking after me, instead of the hedge funds..and the millionaires.

End Naked shorting, where an investor borrows a stock. Make them OWN it ENFORCE IT...PLEASE

Reinstate the uptick rule...ENFORCE IT

Maybe I am crazy but I thought the original intent of the stock market was to help a company raise capital so they could grow, create new products etc. Investors were suppose to decide if that company warranted their investment (CASH / hard earned dollars) based on the companies ideas, products, etc.. When did the stock market turn into Las Vegas where LARGE investors can bet on a company to go lower..then do everything they can TO FORCE IT LOWER. THIS IS LEGAL? Maybe, but is isn't fair to the little investor. HELP US Restore integrity to the stock market.

While you are at it, do something about ALL the FEES attacking retirees Mutual FUNDS. A management fee should be they have to have a fee for " maintaining the account",and other fees. My parents are on a fixed income and it burns me to see the charges that hit their IRA accounts.