Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: joshua I chinn
Affiliation: United States Army

May 8, 2009

With how scared most investors are that we are still in a bear market, a closing bell of the DJI -100 or more could scare most of the non-believers into dumping their stocks. If you read most national newspapers or talk to most brokers you find that a majority of individual investors think we are in a bear market. If they all dump their stocks after one bad day because they don't have the stomach to be a successful investor, the market will suffer ( i.e., I will suffer because I am investing to make money, not to see if I might be able to like the short sellers who dump stocks after a negative day on the street)

Now that the market is showing TRUE signs of life (unemployment is slowing, banks are paying off their obama loans, housing market is heating up) These are BULL market indicators Do not let weak stomached investors slow down the economy when studies show that the uptick rule WILL HELP 70+ years as an active rule, so its not like you are implementing some new liberal rule that helps only group A, and not group B. The rule helps EVERYONE