Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: david c gebauer

May 8, 2009

Stop allowing fast buck artists from inferring with investor's ability to trade stocks based on the virtues of the fundamentals. These short traders are not interested in building capitalism, they would be happy to drive stocks to zero

Look at it this way, If the all shorting was halted, the markets would continue just fine, but if all investors went away, there would be nothing If there were a market without shorting, ie long only, I would be there instead of the present market.

If you think a stock is going down then sell it. Stop allowing crooks from selling that which they do not own. However, if you think selling stuff you don't own is OK, then I have a couple bridges that I would like to sell you

Now short of halting all short sales, the up-tic rule must be reinstated along with any other means to stop naked shorting or other organized attacks upon selected stocks. The entire concept of shorting appeals to folks who have "cheat the system" attitudes. This country was built on the backs of hard working people, not fast buck artists.