Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Thomas Neuenhoff

May 7, 2009

I believe the uptick rule, if it was in effect, would have saved alot of bank stocks. The market checks and balalnces put in place after the great depression must need to be reinstated. Not a single person I know is talking about investing in a meaningful way. The tradgedy of people losing their 401K's and investments, have left alot of people, good people, without a nest egg to retire. Personal (mis)fortunes aside, there needs to be stability in the market without the threat of beating down individual stocks.

Even today, the market extremes is worst than any Six Flags roller coaster. In an effort to get hold of any true valuation, I believe we must look overseas. By definition, you can not know how much something is worth without first exposing it to a very large number of potential customers. Some countries have a "never invest in the USA again" going forward, making it more difficult. And lastly, the wild fluctuations in oil prices may have been the catalyst to true valuation, and if we can not control oil prices, we are left to the only thing we can control. The US markets under a greatly expanded SEC role of overseeing imbalances. In my opinion, some of these white collar criminals are worst than murders. The SEC going forward must expand it's investigational duties and match it with expanded power to bring these people to justice.

Please put back the uptick rule. Sell confidence to the average american and show you are doing something. Modified rules should be discounted.

Thank you for your time,

Tom neuenhoff