Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: steven g ackerman

May 6, 2009

Chairman Shapiro: I have been trading stocks for 25 years.It is my opinion that "any" uptick rule would be a step in the wrong direction. The key to any market is transpareny and liquidity. Any uptick rule would be a step in a direction of compromising both. If one would impose a downtick rule why not impose an uptick rule? What happened to the downside in the finacials in the 4th qtr was due to their own misdeeds, not shorting.To think otherwise is insanity. I do believe however that the current rules should be enforced a good borrow, no naked shorting etc...Ilegal practices, if they did occur should be dealt with and prosecuted. I do understand that there is pressure by many to do something. I would hope enforcing the current rules would be enough. However, if it is not, I would be satisfied with a circuit breaker on an indiviual stock basis if the stock were to drop by say 10%, and then the uptick rule would go into effect. I would hope though that you will decide to just enforce the current rules and regulations to preserve the transparcy and liquidity of the best market in the world.