Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Kevin Surber, Mr

May 5, 2009

Solutions Respectfully Submitted

Since the SEC under the previous Bush years .... failed to do their jobs per taxpayer expectations....

I would submit there should be massive replacements and/or firings.

The failure of the SEC to follow existing rules and regulations is a major concern.

Reasonable monitoring needs to be re-instituted.

Modified up-tick rule(market-wide) would be needed because of high speed computer trading activities and many routing opportunities.

Institute daily "limit-down" rules as a "price-percentage."
It works for futures trading.

a. Ponzi schemes were/are allowed. Baseless investment has not been pursued, even in light of independent whistle-blowers(Markopolos) eg. Madoff

The love affair between the SEC and Wallstreet needs

b. Naked short selling was ignored even though it is illegal. Why did the SEC not bring suit??
Selling of account owned stock as prearranged borrowed stock(with surcharge, and not exceeding account quantities),
and of course buying a PUT or ETF against the underlying stock is probably not going to cause a bear raid.

Enforce rules.

c. 401k's represent pseudo-social-security, thus of massive public interest, the SEC needs to keep satin out of wallstreet.

Monitoring of false information, lying, cheating, etc
is an arrestable offense.... but SEC has arrested no

f. The top investment houses were allowed to have 40:1 leverage, created marketed securities(CDO's) that defied valuation. Mark to market or reasonable-valuation is a major aspect to prevent the greed machine.

Wallstreet is not capable of self-regulation as
evident this all products....

The near fatal collapse of the financial markets caused a domino effect that was directly attributable to the
Bush administration negative influence at a failed SEC. Hands off does not work.