Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: V H
Affiliation: Retired Teacher

May 5, 2009

Ms. Schapiro,
Please lock-up the dogs. Short sellers drive stocks and the overall market down on a daily basis. SKF and SRS which we monitor daily regularly throughout the day drive the market down. In the last hour of the day those two ETFs will begin rising and have cut any profit in our investments in half or more.

We are retired and struggling to build our investments up so we can survive. Due to the economy we have not been able to find work, so our IRA is essential to us.

Please restore the uptick rule and put additional regulations in place that will prevent short sellers, naked short selling, and ETFs like SKF and SRS from destroying companies whose stocks are essential for a healthy economy.

Without supervision, people like myself and my husband have no chance of growing our IRA. You need to stand up for the average person and protect us all from short sellers whose only interest is to make money for themselves and don't care how their actions destory the rest of us who are trying to survive.