Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Timothy J Heatherly
Affiliation: engineer, bnsf

May 5, 2009

I personally believe that short selling as a whole should be banned. I have followed the stock market for 15 years and am 37 I have 23 years left to my target retirement at age 60. I look through at least 100 stocks a week for personal investing, if a stock doesn't seem to have any upside, in my opinion, i dont buy. What ever happened to buying stock based on the STRENGTH of the company. When I see positive earnings, good p/e ratio, high capital, low debt, and good margins I buy that stock. When I see things that I don't like I don't buy that stock, and I continue looking for a strong company to invest in. With all that being said, I support the reinstatement of the up-tick rule as a bare minimum of what needs to happen. I applaud you for submitting this to open forum and think this type of policy will give you a better feeling for what the average person like myself thinks as well as the huge mutual fund managers. Thank You