Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: James S. Pappas, Mr.
Affiliation: Semi-Retired

May 5, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Please bring back the Up-Tick-Rule, so us small players
(funds under $10K) can feel like we are being treated
fairly, and can invest again with confidence once more.

I just signed up for Social Security, at the age of 63-1/3,
and will need to supplement my income for my older years.

My S.S. check for $1200 +/- is not going to cut it.
My IRA will run out, some time in my 70's and
I dont want to have too go back to work in my mid 70's

The market is my only chance of making a few earnings to
help me live in my latter years.

We need to feel like we have a fair chance, and how in the
world can anyone sell something before he/she ownes it?
That is just beyond my understanding, this shorting the
shorts, etc., is just ridiculous.

Please bring back a fair and flat playing field, for the
common man, you need us in the market to help grow the
country back to where it was.
You have the power to make it right - Please dont be
afraid to do, what you know is right and will help the
system the most - Jim Cramer says you are smart and
honest, and know what you are doing - Please do the
right thing. - And I trust Cramer on most things.
Thank you.