Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Stephen Huntington
Affiliation: software engineer and roth, regular ira, and 401k holder

May 5, 2009

I feel that it is inappropriate for speculators to
borrow my and other small investors shares, then
aggregate them and drive the prices of my shares
For investors whose shares are held under our
brokers name we should have the option to
with hold them from short selling. I would
like that my shares not be loaned to shorts.
There should be an option on my account(s)
that would not allow my broker to lend my
shares for shorting or any purpose. I should
be allowed to have them locked up and with
held from lending without me having to actually
take possession of the certificates. I am
an investor not a speculator, and don't think
that shorts should be allowed to use my
investments against me.

An additional comment, naked shorting should
be reduced by improving reporting schemes and
increasing fines and punishments for this.
Failing to follow the rules for shorting
should result in swift and dis-incentivizing