Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Ernest J. Cox
Affiliation: Accredited investment Fiduciary Analyst

May 5, 2009

we no longer have a usful idiot in the form of Christopher Cox, lets bring back the uptick rule in its originaal form

we have done tremendous damage to our capital markets and peoples wealth here in america, markets over time should always trend higher, and we just erased 15 years of growth,

and disinfranchised many people that may never invest again. I don't have faith in our goverment or our capital market system anymore, Having the uptick rule in place would have prevented this market melt down and saved the tax payer a trillion dollars.Their is something bigger at work here,and its ment to keep americans in dept, steal americans family wealth for years to come, at the root of it all is the global banking system, Either bring me in and let me join you, or be willing to let me continue to expose this failed and enept government.

Onestly I would come work for you if you like.