Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: duncan w williams
Affiliation: the little guy

May 5, 2009

i support senator kaufman , and other senators , jim cramer , ben bernake , dick grasso former ceo nyx , and duncan niedenauer current ceo nyx and many others who call for a return of the uptick and enforcement of short selling laws . the removal of 2x 3x etfs that flaunt margin rules.this should serve as enough reason
2005 test during raging bull market
2007 uptick removed
2008 wheels start to come off no brakes
2009 more than 17 trillion dollars lost aig lehman ect
but wait theres more .. some retires , college hopefulls , and just simple folks trying to get to retirement without being a burden to society.will NEVER recover thanks to a failure to protect them and enforce the laws under sec chair c cox . so i ask these questions to you MS shappiro . do you want a market for everyone big and small , young and old , fair for all ? or do you want a giant unregulated casino , where trading and transactions rule and no one invest in america anymore ?? should we favor those who create jobs and business over those who profit from destruction ?? because right now it favors those who destroy not create . i know you are new to the post and president obama has faith in you to protect the little guy . but others at the sec where on board when this mess started and i get the feeling , the SEC just doesnt want to admit a mistake was made and so well all continue to suffer . your choice will impact millions of small investors . well either be welcomed to invest like everyone or well be banished from doing so forever thanks duncan williams