Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Gary Wyatt
Affiliation: Investor

March 24, 2008

It is totally ludicrous the SEC has allowed pervasive Naked shorting to permeate the markets.
Abolished the uptick rule.why...under whose direction, JPM?
I have watched numerous companies stock prices craftfully being manipulated for some time now. Individual investors, seem to me, for the most part to be clueless to the process suffering from Wall Streets heard the sheep mentality.

On any, yes any given market day one can see massive manipulation, painting the tape at the close, multimillion share block trades well after the bell with significant price swings, deep in the money extraordinarily large sized option contracts used to hide naked short the SEC also totally clueless or do you just not care or both?

How can a growing and profitable company be on the SHO list for over 100 consecutive daystake a look at CREEthe SEC is obviously asleep at the switchthank God your agency is not running a nuclear power plant