Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Daniel T Somers

March 23, 2008

Dear Chairman Cox and associates of the SEC,
This is one of many letters and phone calls I have made to your office imploring you to do no more than enforce the laws we already have in place. If we had to make a request of every law enforcement agency when a crime was being committed, it would not be long before utter chaos and the loss of confidence in our government would take over. Unfortunately we are rapidly approaching this scenario. Here in my own community the populace have had numerous meetings about the corruption in our major markets and lack of enforcement. We have shown the videos of Sen. Bennet and Mark Aguire and the story of Anthony Elgindy and the collusion of FBI agents, plus much, much more. Our church was on the whole a Republican based group that raised a lot of money and I dare say no one is willing to give a dime or a vote this year. We have seen to many people amongst us go through a living hell and lose what they thought was to be their secure future. I don't know how you people can look yourself in the mirrror and not feel shamed that so many honest hard working Americans who made this country great are being sold out for the greed of a few. We know the securities laws that now exist, and we know they work if they were only enforced and that is what bothers us the most. Get rid of this Reg. SHO and the grandfather clause and just enforce the laws that were created to stop all this. I am afraid the loss of money and confidence among our people will take years to bring back but the longer you wait the greater the repercussions. I would like to say I feel confident you will restore our laws and enforce them however I would be lying. Prove me wrong and I will be the first to admit it, but for the sake of the simple
investor please save them from more destruction as well as the destruction of our country.
Thank You for your attention
Dan Somers