Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Cindy L Madden
Affiliation: retired

March 23, 2008

Naked Short Selling. I do not understand why this practice is permitted. It creates undo heartship for shareholders, and companies. It is stealing to me. What baffles me is brokers allow it. Have we become such a country of greed that we don't care who we squash as long as money is being made by the people who do not deserve it. As a shareholder I have seen more than one company naked shorted so far down that shareholders sold their stock, at a great loss. Why do you allow such a distructive practice? .. after all is it not illegal?

Naking shorting hurts companies, stockholders, the economy, etc. and i am here to say it MUST be stopped now.
And only you can do that ..

Thank you,

Cindy L