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September 17, 2008


Your rule to ban short-selling was too late. It is amazing that you sit there and provide us with the illusion that you are protecting the public, while your buddies at Goldman and all the Hedge fund buddies have been lining their pockets. You should all be ashamed for being in bed with them while the public bends over. Now after it is all too late, you decide that we need to stop these shorts and you do that and give them time, so they can unload all their positions and make all their monies. Now they will make sure that they abuse other rules that you have specifically made for them - after all they have their friends in the current administration, including the proactive Treasury secretary. In the meantime you and the Treasury which really is a tool for the hedge funds, have not come out with one simple small rule that will regulate the hedge buddies of yours. No because you and your buddies at the treasury hide behind laws that you and Congress put up and come up with silly excuses that we will let the market dictate - well the market sure did and you and the treasury had no problem dishing out billions to protect your hedge buddies and the Goldmans so that we don't have a financial meltdown - Well let us have a financial meltdown - because to us, the citizens of the US - we have already been bent over, rolled over, lost our homes and the value of our investments, while your hedge buddies and Goldman goes merrily about making a killing, on your inactions and inability to police anything let alone your kid.

Shame on you - You all need to resign starting with the crook Cox and the Goldie Paulson.

Go to hell