Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: AL HO

August 8, 2008

A Letter I sent to Senator Johnson of SD: Signing Up with American Entrepreneurs for Securities Reform --------------------------------------- To: Senator Tim Johnson:
American Entrepreneurs for Securities Reform
Dear Sir: I am very concerned of the Illegal Naked Shorting Activities over the Past 10 Years of My hard earned monies being stolen by white collar crimminals. I own or have owned multiple sub-penny stocks and other stocks, which have been severely affected by this illegal activity. I have written the SEC multiple times, especially the Proposed Rules on NSS, written in March of 2008, and of course now the SHO proposal July 2008. I am very up to date on things. I also belong to a Large Group of honest hard working shareholders, some even from Europe, who are in constant communication through chat rooms. Many of us are Bonifide CMKX Shareholders, meaning the Late Great Robert Maheu, whom just passed away, was on the CMKM Diamonds Inc. Task Force who told us in November of 2005 to prove we were shareholders by getting our Stock Certificates. Well, approximately 40,000 shareholders did, and we have heard another 30,000 could not because of all the Illegall Naked Shorting of CMKM Diamonds (CMKI/CMKX). The Knowledge of the Illegal going ons' of Wall Street and the SEC/DTCC is endless. We have people who have worked with and or have spoken with the likes of Dave Patch, Al Hodges, Susan Trembath we are a determined group of "we aren't gonna take it anymore Investors" . We are International, and those in Other Countries know many others who have been ripped off by these Wall Street white collar crimminals. I would appreciate your response and what we may be able to do to assist this Vote Yes 9 Proposal, and of course we are totally with you on your GOLD Outline. Thank You. Sincerely, ..........