Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: al ho

August 6, 2008

Mr. Cox and SEC Commissioners: I must say, you all know how to DELAY ANTI-FRAUD AND MONEY-LAUNDERING LAWS, DON'T YOU YOUR WORDS, AND MINE.REMEMEMBER WHAT YOU SAID TO THE USA PUBLIC MR. COX ? I JUST REPEATED WHAT YOU SAID, IN MARCH OF 2008. I totally agree it is White Collar Crime and Punishable, is not that what you said ? I have your video of you stating that. Now I see a well organized National Movement of Outstanding Americans coming after the SEC to do your job I am speaking of American Entrepreneurs for Securities Reform, I and a minimum of 5,000 INJURED SHAREHOLDERS OF ILLEGAL NAKED SHORTING OF SUB-PENNY AND OTHER STOCKS , will be signing up soon. I am not gonna beg to you, you know that safe-guarding 19 Financial Companies for 30 days, is not Justice to ALL THE OTHER COMPANIES that to this Day, are still being naked shorted illegally.