Subject: Counterfeiting-NSS-Fraud

August 1, 2008

From Robert K Smith BBA Finance Hardin Simmons University

I own shares in a small cap stock that has been a victim of NSS. This company has been vocal and a leader in the fight against this fraud-counterfeiting for the past 7-8 years and the stockholders have paid dearly on at least 3-5 major NSS raids following good news or bad news in the press. Pleads to the SEC have gone to deaf ears. The crooks have our money.

The FTDs are huge in my stock and throughout the market. This is an example where all fails MUST be looked into and settled throughout the market. The ability of these TERRORIST groups willa collapse the US economy and MUST be stopped now for the sake of ourselves, our children and grandchildren not born so they may live in the USA as we know it. The companies destroyed, jobs lost and taxed STOLEN MUST stop here.

These groups of terrorist MUST be identified and prosecuted for treason against the US. Our markets MUST be restored NOW so trust in our investments are restored and the game is no longer rigged for the crooks.

Robert K. Smith